Eskandalo! is a premier destination hair salon in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania known for its vintage punk rock attitude and master stylists who create daring hair color and cuts. This identity series was designed to highlight the salon’s unique audience with a play on traditional tabloid magazines, spun with an overarching theme of self-love and alternative beauty. Product names such as "Wise" and "Brave" were selected to continue this theme of self-empowerment. Textures of text type and duotone halftone photography are paramount in this identity, staying true to letterpress-printed vintage tabloid magazines. The logo was created as a hand-carved linoleum block print to provide an authentic distressed texture.​​​​​​​

2019 PRINT regional design award winner, the best of design feature
2018 graphis new talent annual winner 
2018 silver american advertising award winner 
creative quarterly 52 runner-up
2018 adobe design achievement award semifinalist
2017 aiga flux winner
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