The holidays are a beloved time for connecting, entertaining, eating, and for many people, drinking. Fine Wine & Good Spirits (the state liquor stores of Pennsylvania) have a yearly campaign titled Happier Holidays, which hopes to provide consumers with the best ideas, tips, and recipes so they can celebrate a joyful holiday season. Tactics include out-of-home and transit ad placements, social media and digital marketing assets, as well as in-store displays and materials. The creative system features a vintage holiday aesthetic whilst showcasing a contemporary and sophisticated lifestyle, and features specific designs for Thanksgiving, December holidays, and New Year's.

Created with Tierney and The Savvy Group. Creative credits: John Woodward, Justin Biddle, Cara Vedral, Nikki Volpicelli.
print ads
in-store materials
out-of-home displays 
social media product carousels 
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